Adding Third-Party IP Cameras to Hikvision NVRs

Adding Third-Party IP Cameras to Hikvision NVRs


Note; these instructions do not apply to adding IP cameras to TVI DVRs, only Hikvision IP cameras can be added to Hikvision TVI DVRs.

Hikvision NVRs are designed to connect seamlessly to Hikvision’s range of IP cameras. Using Hikvision cameras in conjunction with Hikvision NVRs allows all the camera/NVR features to be used such as motion detection and line-crossing detection. The majority of third party IP cameras can be connected to Hikvision NVRs provided that they have one of the following Protocols.




















The majority of inexpensive imported cameras support the ONVIF protocol.


In order for third party cameras to be used with the NVR, the camera to be connected MUST have an IP address that is within the same range as those embedded in the NVR.

Note; IP cameras and NVRs can take several minutes to fully warm-up and become visible on the system.

  1. Find a list of compatible IP addresses; on the NVR go to 'Main Menu' > 'Camera' to enter the IP Camera Management window.
  2. You will see a list of IP addresses e.g.,, and so on. There will be 4 addresses on a 4 channel NVR, 8 addresses on an 8 channel NVR and 16 addresses on a 16 channel NVR. One or more of the addresses listed will already be used if you already have cameras connected.
  3. Make a note of one of the available IP addresses – e.g. (if no cameras are connected then all will be available).
  4. Connect the camera directly to your broadband router using a network cable (a 12v power supply will also need to be connected to the camera as your router will not provide POE power).
  5. Using the software provided with your camera, change the cameras IP address to the one you made a note of earlier – e.g.
  6. Disconnect the camera from the router and attach it directly to an available POE port on the NVR. (If the camera has built in POE there will now be no need for a separate 12v power supply).
  7. Go to 'Main Menu' > 'Camera' to enter the IP Camera Management window.
  8. Click the 'Edit' icon against the relevant IP address to enter the 'Edit IP Camera' window.
  9. In the 'Adding Method' dropdown menu change 'Plug and Play' to 'Manual'.
  10. In the 'Protocol' dropdown change Hikvision to ONVIF or one of the other protocols (you will need to scroll down the options to find ONVIF and the other available protocols).
  11. Click 'OK' to save settings.

After a couple of minutes, the cameras status should now say 'Active' and you should be able to see video from it in the 'Live View' window.

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