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This section contains all the accessories to complete an HD CCTV installation.  There are sections for Hard Disk Drives, Cables, Connectors, Baluns, Switches and PoE Switches, Camera Brackets, Power Supplies, Tools, and Junction boxes.

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  • Hard Disk Drives

    All DVRs and NVRs should be fitted with at least one hard disk drive.  We only supply Western Digital (Purple) drives which are designed specifically for use in surveillance systems and are heavy duty for use where continuous recording is required.

    Standard HDDs can be used but they are likely to fail prematurely when used in CCTV systems with a large data stream.

    We supply the HDDs in 1TB, 2TB and 4TB capacities.  Also note that the HDDs are discounted if purchased with a DVR or NVR recorder.

  • Cable and Connectors
  • Brackets & Junction Boxes

    Brackets are available for the majority of CCTV cameras supplied by us.  One of the problems faced when installing CCTV cameras is managing the incoming cables, especially when installing them on exterior walls.  Using brackets for dome and eyeball cameras, and junction boxes for bullet style cameras, provides a convenient storage space for the cable junctions.  This secttion contains the most popular brackets used with our cameras.  The brackets and junction boxes are cross-referenced to the camera(s) they can be used for.

  • Power Supplies

    With the exception of PTZ cameras, all TVI analogue CCTV cameras, and NON-PoE enabled IP cameras, require a 12v DC power supply.  Cameras typically require between 250 milliamps and 400 milliamps.  Also note that PoE enabled cameras can be powered locally if required, i.e. not using the PoE connection on the camera.  PTZ cameras typically require 24v AC.  TVI PTZ cameras require a 24v AC supply, whereas IP PTZ cameras can use PoE+ or a 24v AC supply.

  • Video Baluns & Extenders

    Video Baluns can be used to connect analogue cameras to DVRs with Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) cable such as CAT5 rather than coaxial cable (RG59).  RG59 is a balanced cable designed to prevent video display problems such as ghosting or picture rolling.  Baluns effectively balance the UTP cable.  Baluns are used in pairs - one at the camera and one at the DVR.  Baluns are available as passive or active models.  Active baluns amplify the signal prior to transmitting it over UTP cable and as such the best picture quality is achieved with active baluns.  Active baluns also extend the transmission distance of the video signal - up to 1 mile.